About me

Your chance to get to know me.

I’m 40 years old, married and have a 12-years old son. We live together close to Graz in the lovely country of Austria.

Everything started – at least as a web-designer – almost two decades ago. Back then the web was still fresh, the Internet Explorer a pioneer in terms of technology and tables the only method to lay out sites properly. Since my father gave me an understanding of computers pretty soon I certainly needed a website. But about which topic? Computer games were my life at the time and the absolute game for me was Quake 2. And so my first website was born, hosted at Geocities. Although not online anymore I have fond memories of it, not least because it was my ticket into professional web-design.

My professional life started at a small web agency in Graz, which I already left after two years to hire at Kleine Zeitung, one of the biggest newspapers in Austria. After I worked there for exactly twelve years I decided to accept a new challenge in 2012. After that I worked here and there as a web- and front-end designer and in September 2014 I finally landed at my current job as a multi-disciplinary designer at brain.at.

Whenever I don’t tinker with sketchtips.info I love to do sports and watch some movies. I also used to play videogames passionately but unfortunately there is not much time in my life for them anymore. Luckily, as my son grows up, we can spend some time together playing videogames again. What I also love to do is listening to music. As soon as I have a chance I tune in to Linkin Park, Nirvana, Faith No More, Fear Factory, Green Day, The Prodigy and the like.